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National Innovation Framework 2018-2030

Date: October 15, 2018


Mauritius is an upper middle income country and is poised to transition to the level of a high income country, where innovation becomes the key driver of socio-economic development. Hence the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation, has put in place a National Innovation Framework (2018-2030).
The Framework has been developed by the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation and facilitated by the Mauritius Research Council. The framework has been developed following extensive consultations with local stakeholders and reviewing international best practices.
The National Innovation Framework (2018-2030) is a unique programme of creating innovation ecosystems to transform the landscape of the Mauritian economy. The Framework sets out a plan for Innovation based on integrated growth. The programmes for innovation call for coordinated efforts between the Industry and Academia and between different disciplines. R&D efforts would also be deeply rooted in an alliance between market players and academics. Such a balanced and concerted programme will ensure that Innovation becomes an organic part of the Mauritian economy.
Please click here to view the National Innovation Framework.

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