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National Innovation Challenge (NIC)

Date: November 29, 2016


The National Innovation Challenge (NIC) aims at uncovering and fostering local and professional innovations created by Mauritians working in a variety of fields from Academia, Start-ups and Micro Companies, SMEs, communities to local schools and backyard sheds/ home inventions. This challenge proposes to showcase, nurture and reward ideas leading to potentially life changing solutions from the Mauritian population.
The NIC consists of three (3) categories namely, (i) Open Category, (ii) Tertiary Students Category and (iii) Secondary Students Category. Participants will be required to devise a solution from one of the thematic problem areas and are expected to identify a specific problem, and come up with a viable idea to solve that problem. Participants will outline how they intend to further improve their ideas or come up with a prototype in the six months provided in the Proof of Concept phase.
The 1st edition of the NIC which will comprise of the Open Category as a start. The 1st prize for this category will include:
  • A cash prize of Rs.500,000
  • A trophy
  • A recognition certificate
Click here to download the Guidelines and Application Form for the National Innovation Challenge

The deadline for application is on Wednesday, 01 March 2017

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