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Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC)

National Research Chair

Applied Biochemistry

Biomaterials & Drug Delivery

The National Research Chair (NRC) Programme was set up in January 2011 with the main objective to stimulate strategic research in areas of national and international importance while retaining and attracting the best qualified research scientists in Mauritius.
In particular, the NRC programme is intended to:

1. Promote cutting edge research in specific fields according to the Priority Areas of the Government programme;
2. Enhance capacity building through supervision of MPhil/PhD students and post-doctoral fellows; and
3. Promote regional and international collaborations.

The Chairs are expected to pilot significant research in their thematic program areas and to contribute significantly to the positioning of Mauritius as a Knowledge and Innovation Hub in the regional and international arena.

Under the aegis of the Mauritius Research Council, it is envisaged that, through the harmonisation of Research initiatives, greater synthesis will be achieved by the National Research Chairs in addressing research of national concern while bridging the gap between public and private sectors.

There are currently two National Research Chairs working on national research programmes as follows:

1. Professor T Bahorun: Applied Biochemistry
2. Professor D Jhurry: Biomaterials and Drug Delivery