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Mauritius Research Council (MRC)

MRC Innovation Initiatives

Innovation “includes radical or incremental changes to products, processes or services, a new or significantly improved product, process or service, a new marketing method, or a new organisational method in business practices, workplace organisation or external relations”
One of the core objectives of the Mauritius Research Council’s (MRC) includes the promotion of innovation mandate. The MRC recognizes the value and benefit of investing in innovation, which is considered as a key driver of economic growth and international competitiveness.  Through collaboration and cooperation with our various partners, the Council invests in the creation, translation and application of innovation achieve a knowledge-based economy and promote economic growth while enhancing quality of life of the nation.
The MRC supports and promotes innovation through a variety of activities and initiatives including (1) Funding Schemes; (2) Vehicles of Innovation; (3) Strategic Planning & Policy Making; (4) Innovation through Technopreneurship.
Innovation in Action
1. Research and Innovation Grant Schemes
The Council drives innovation through the provision of a number of funding schemes.  Currently, a total of five (5) different funding schemes are available classified under the following category.
These schemes contribute directly and indirectly to promoting an innovation culture and have been developed to respond to the needs of innovators, researchers, businesses, academia, research institutions and the public.  The Innovation and Commercialization Schemes, is solely dedicated to assisting, through research grants and advisory services, individuals, researchers and project leaders from the public and private sector and academia to transform their innovative ideas into potentially commercialisable applications.
2The Vehicles of Innovation
Innovation requires effective implementation and structures need to be put in place to allow the doers of innovation to operate. The MRC operates the following vehicles of innovation have been identified as described in the following subsections:
3. Strategic Planning & Policy Making
   a. The Draft National Innovation Framework
The Draft National Innovation Framework (NIF) provides the key factors leading to the creation of innovation ecosystems gearing the Republic of Mauritius towards an Innovation-led economy.

The Draft NIF stands on four key philosophies:
1. Sustainable Roadmap for Growth: the long-term policy aiming at the promotion of sustainable growth and development at: National level, Industry level, Company level and People level.
2. Private Funding for Programmes: encouraging more enhanced collaboration between public and private sector for the socio-economic benefit of the Republic of Mauritius.
3. Integrated and Coordinated Growth: a plan for Innovation based on integrated growth nurtured by coordinated inter-institutional and interdisciplinary efforts between the Industry.

4. Accountability of Innovators: based on recognition of efforts through incentives to encourage people to participate and contribute to the growth and development of an innovation-led economy
Click here to access the Draft National Innovation Framework
4. Innovation through Technopreneurship - Helping our youth to develop innovative enterprises.
The Mauritius Research Council Business Research Incubator Centre (MRC-BRIC) defines a collaborative and interactive venture focused on fostering the growth of Mauritian innovative start-ups into competitive businesses.  Operating since March 2011, the MRC-BRIC has provided assistance to some 15 pre start-up ideas. Incubatees benefit from regular in-house counselling, meeting with potential venture capitalists, and exposure to business angels.