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Mauritius Research Council (MRC)

MRC Staff


SI No. ​Name of Officer ​Designation ​Remarks
​1 Dr A Suddhoo ​Executive Director
​2 ​Dr N Gopaul ​Research Coordinator
​3 ​Mrs P Veer-Ramjeawon ​Research Coordinator
​4 ​Dr M Madhou ​Research Coordinator
​5 ​Dr A S Peedoly ​​Research Officer
​6 ​​Dr V Bissonauth ​​Research Officer
​7 Mrs H Mungun-Jhurry ​System Administrator
​8 ​​Mrs R Tooree-Veerapen ​Accountant
​9 ​Mrs P Doman ​Administrative officer
​10 Mr K Tatoree ​Research Assistant
​11 ​Ms K Diop ​Research Assistant ​Leave without pay
​12 ​Mr K Narrain ​Research Assistant
​13 ​​Mr F Shamutally ​Research Assistant
​14 ​​Ms M Jowahir ​Research Assistant ​​Leave without pay
​15 ​Ms D Naginlal Modi ​Research Assistant
​16 ​​Ms C D Ruhee Research Assistant
​17 Ms H S Keenoo ​Research Assistant
​18 ​Mr Y Gajadhur ​Research Assistant
​19 Dr R D Jeetah-Rampadaruth ​​Research Assistant
​20 ​Mr M Z Soreefan Research Assistant
​21 Mrs V K Deelah-Beenode ​Research Assistant
​22 ​Mr P.Hurnauth ​Research Assistant
​23 ​Dr K Fowdar ​Research Assistant
​24 ​Mr S C Nuckchady ​Research Assistant
​25 ​Mrs C Rughoobur ​Office Management Assistant
​26 ​Mrs B Padaruth ​Confidential Secretary
​27 ​Mrs M Jean-Julie ​Confidential Secretary
​28 ​Mrs S A Patten-Ramen ​Research Support Officer
​29 ​Ms P Gobin ​Management Support Officer
​30 ​Ms A Heeroo ​Management Support Officer
​31 ​Ms T Ujoodah ​Management Support Officer
32​​ ​Mr B Erjodu Chiniah ​​​Management Support Officer
33 Mrs C Sooprayenpille ​Receptionist/WPO
​34 Mr P Hungsraz ​Driver
​35 ​​Mr J A Soogund ​Technician/Driver
​36 Mr R Jhoollun ​Driver/Office Attendant
​37 ​​Mr B Laximon Driver/Office Attendant
​38 ​Mr R K Gunga ​Office Attendant
​39 ​Mr V Teeluckdharee ​Driver/Office Attendant
​1 ​Mr J J M Ravina ​Research Assistant
​2 ​Ms B Clair ​​Research Assistant
​3 ​Ms J H Perrine ​Research Assistant
​4 ​Mr B Young Tie Yang ​Research Assistant
​1 ​Prof T Bahorun National Research Innovation Chair
​2 Ms D Narrain​ ​​Research Assistant